Kit parts.

Consisting of main body and cab top in fibreglass and cab base in resin.






Main Body.

You will need to cut the hole for the main engine vent about 1/8th of an inch in from the edge. Also the two small vents on the side need to be cut out. These are marked on the shell as scored lines.

You will need to reinforce the top of the body. I used 6mm MDF Cross bracing. If you look carefully at the original mobile front on view you will see through the vent, a large piece of what looks like wood supporting the roof.

Cut a hole for the exhaust pipe 1inch from the vent face. The exhaust pipe is 5/8th inch in diameter. I used brass tube for this.




The positions for the axles are marked on the shell. These can be slotted out and soft foam inserted in the base for suspension.











Lower Hull .
You will need to cut the holes for the headlights; they are not marked on the shell as they change from square to rectangular during the show.










Cabin shell.

 I’ve trimmed and fitted it but it will still need some fine tuning. The windows are marked as scored lines.








More photos of the build to follow soon.


SHADO MOBILE model parts KIT


We are now working on a kit of some of the parts that you need to finish the model.

Let us know if you are interested.




Most of the parts needed for the cabin including the windows (not shown).
















Cabin parts detail .



















Side parts Detail .















Rear detail .